Two independent reviewers appraised the potential risk of bias

There is a need to understand how masks can be used the whole day, by both children (at school) (50) and adults (at the office). In a study with the effect of mask use on household transmission of SARS-CoV-2, masks were found being successful, including for youngsters, and also the secondary attack rate for kids was discovered to get only half those of adults. However, the impact of masks on children has not been in comparison to adults (10). Some researchers have proposed that face shields could be appropriate in some environments (132), but it will not be well studied. Research on the efficacy of face shields, including in combination with masks, should be used, as well as research in to the efficacy of masks with transparent windows to the mouth.

face mask

Anfinrud et al. (59) used laser light scattering to sensitively detect the emission of particles of assorted sizes (including …

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